New structure for investments in ID Finance loans issued in Kazakhstan



Starting from August 31, 2018, there will be a new structure for investing in Kazakhstan-issued ID Finance loans on the Mintos marketplace. The change has been implemented due to specifics of the legislation for microfinance organisations in Kazakhstan.

How will the new process work?

To obtain exposure to ID Finance loans issued in Kazakhstan, investors will be able to invest in loans issued by Mintos Finance SIA to ID Finance’s legal entity in Kazakhstan — MFO OnlineKazFinance LLP ( – where repayments depend on the final borrower’s payments. Each loan issued by Mintos Finance SIA to…

You can now invest in loans issued in Kenya by Watu Credit



Kenya has just been added to the list of countries on Mintos! This is the second country from Africa and the 18th to be represented on the Mintos marketplace. Thanks to Watu Credit, you now have the opportunity to invest in Kenya-issued personal loans and reap returns of up to 13% per year.

Established in 2015, Watu Credit offers asset financing and business loans for small businesses. Headquartered in Mombasa the company is currently expanding with branches already opened in Nairobi, Malindi, Nakuru and Mombasa region.

“Watu Credit is pleased to join the diverse family…

Mintos a leading global online marketplace for loans



Happy Easter!



They say that Easter is the only time of the year when it’s safe to put all your eggs in one basket. With Mintos you can successfully diversify your investments in different loans and markets within the same marketplace — all year round! This holiday at Mintos we want to say thanks to all the great investors who have joined our service.

Platform improvements in March



We have worked hard this March, taking your suggestions into account to make the Mintos platform even more comfortable and transparent.

Main improvement include:

Adding a “News Feed” to the Overview section to keep investors up to date with the latest information on Mintos and loan originators.

Optimizing load time for Primary and Secondary lists. With the growing number of loans available, load times for these lists had slowed, but we are again moving forward at full speed.

Email notification for expiring documents. Investors will receive an email if their uploaded verification documents…

International award-winning loan originator ID Finance joins Mintos marketplace



Big news from Mintos – ID Finance has joined the platform and, starting today, will place personal unsecured loans issued in Spain under its MoneyMan brand on the marketplace. ID Finance is a fast-growing data science, credit scoring and digital finance provider that is pioneering fintech innovation in emerging markets.

ID Finance was established in 2012 by Boris Batine and Alexander Dunaev who had background from investment banking and recognized the potential for fintech in emerging markets. The company is now the largest online lender in Russia, also operates in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Poland, Spain and Brazil, and plans…

Capital Service joins the Mintos marketplace



We welcome a new loan originator from Poland to the Mintos marketplace! Capital Service has joined Mintos and, starting today, will place installment loans issued on- and offline in Poland on the platform.

Capital Service operates the second-largest non-bank lending branch network in Poland. The company  was founded in 1999 and has accumulated significant experience in consumer lending over the past 18 years. Capital Service loans placed on the marketplace will range in size from EUR 250 to EUR 3 600, with a repayment deadline of 3 to 48 months. The net…

New loan originator from Lithuania joins the Mintos marketplace



One of Lithuania’s biggest online consumer loan lenders has joined the Mintos marketplace! Starting today, Mozipo Group will place short-term personal loans issued in Lithuania under the Moment Credit brand on the platform.

Loans that Mozipo Group will place on the Mintos marketplace are expected to range from EUR 100 to EUR 3 000, with a repayment period of 3 to 36 months. The loan originator will offer investment opportunities in euro (EUR).

The average net return to investors is expected to be around 12%. Mozipo Group will offer a buyback guarantee for loans that are delinquent for more than…

Mintos marketplace – a loan originator’s perspective



By Justas Šaltinis, Founder and CEO of DEBIFO | February 2017


DEBIFO offers selective invoice financing services to clients based in Lithuania. We offer both confidential and disclosed invoice financing for invoices issued to large foreign and local corporations. Invoice financing allows small and new businesses holding invoices against large and trustworthy corporations to quickly turn receivables into working capital and balance cash flows.

Since its founding in May 2015, DEBIFO has financed over 1,400 invoices against a principal value of EUR 10 million. We have served over 80 small- and medium-sized businesses and have…

Our currency exchange offers you fair rates with a low and transparent fee



Since December, Mintos has offered the option to invest in loans denominated in multiple currencies, including Danish krones, Czech korunas, Georgian lari, Polish zloty, Romanian Leu, with more to follow in near future. We have receive great reviews from investors! The currency exchange service offered on our platform is already being widely used.

Last month we took the next step by introducing the opportunity to convert currency directly on our platform. This means you are able to convert the money in your Mintos account to other currencies in an instant. No…

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