EuroOne changes its name to Rapido Finance



As of February 18, 2019, the loan originator EuroOne has changed its name on the Mintos marketplace to the same as its local entity in Spain, Rapido Finance. (more…)

We’re bringing the cashback bonus back!



We know how much you enjoyed our cashback campaigns, so today we are happy to announce that Spanish Mortgage lender FIREOF now offers a cashback of up to 2% for all of its loans with a remaining maturity of 10 months or more. This special offer is valid for one month from February 14, 2019, until March 14, 2019.

Plazo: your long-term pal from Spain



Plazo is a fast-growing personal loan service in Spain provided by global digital finance provider and loan originator on the Mintos marketplace ID Finance. (more…)

Dineo from Spain, Bienvenido to Mintos!



One of the loan originators who will be among the first additions to the Mintos marketplace in 2019 is Dineo, a company based in Spain. Founded in 2014, Dineo now offers short-term loans for investment and you can expect a net annual return of up to 10%. (more…)

Review of the Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform Mintos (2019 Update)



Mintos 2018 Overview



After we have summarised our achievements in 2018, we present to you a closer look at the most important things that happened on the Mintos marketplace last year, and what will be the things you can look forward to when it comes to our activities in the upcoming period. (more…)

Changes: New structure for investments in loans from Russia



Starting from January 28th, there will be a new structure for investments in loans from Russia. This new structure will be implemented due to changes to the current legislation related to consumer loans and microfinance in the Russian Federation since the new law is limiting the assignment possibilities of consumer loan receivables. (more…)

A trendsetting financial institution in Kosovo, Monego, has launched on Mintos



Today, we are happy to announce that you can now invest and earn net annual returns of up to 13% on consumer loans issued by Monego, one of the fastest growing financial institution in the Republic of Kosovo! (more…)

Mintos milestones 2019: two and counting!



Mintos celebrates two new milestones: EUR 1.5 billion invested in loans on the marketplace, and 100,000 registered investors!

It took Mintos just shy of four years to get to the milestone of EUR 1 billion invested in loans on the Mintos marketplace. After that, it took Mintos only four months to arrive at the next milestone – EUR 1.5 billion invested in loans. (more…)

Changes to Lendo investment structure



New regulations will soon be implemented in the Georgian non-bank lending industry. These regulations, which have been approved by the National Bank of Georgia, set a limit for encumbered (pledged) assets ratio. (more…)