Working hours and holidays



The end of year holidays are just around the corner and we hope they will allow you the chance to spend time with your loved ones. In lieu of the holidays, we wanted to send out a friendly reminder that many banks and financial institutions will be closed on the upcoming public holidays. Because of this, your payments may not be processed within the usual timeframe. (more…)

Warm news for a cold December: welcome GetBucks South Africa to Mintos!



Eight months after introducing loans from GetBucks Kenya and GetBucks Zambia to the Mintos marketplace, the company is expanding its presence on Mintos with yet another investment opportunity for our global investors: consumer loans from GetBucks South Africa. (more…)

Dindin and BIG leave Mintos marketplace



Over the past few months, loan originators Dindin and BIG have decided to exit or wind down and close their lending business. As a result, they have also exited the Mintos marketplace and have repurchased their outstanding loans. (more…)

There are now more investment opportunities from FYR of Macedonia on Mintos



The Mintos marketplace just got bigger as IuteCredit Group now offers personal loans for investment in FYR of Macedonia. This is in addition to IuteCredit’s personal loans issued in Albania, Moldova, and Kosovo already on the marketplace. (more…)

Post-Black Friday Specials: Enjoy 0% fee for currency conversion*



After Black Friday’s spending spree, we decided to do something nice for Mintos investors. Instead of spending, at Mintos we like to focus on earning and investing. And we also like zero commission fees! (more…)

You can now invest in Estonia-issued loans from Creditstar!



Creditstar has increased the investment opportunities it offers on Mintos! Now, you can invest in personal loans issued by its Estonia-based subsidiary Monefit and earn net annual returns of up to 12%. This is in addition to Creditstar’s loans that are already available for investment issued in Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Finland. (more…)

Estonia-based lender Placet Group is expanding its presence on Mintos!



We have great news – Placet Group is expanding its presence on Mintos. Because of this, you now have the opportunity to invest in its Lithuania-based personal loans in addition to its Estonia-issued personal loans previously available on the marketplace. So take advantage of this great opportunity to earn net annual returns of up to 9%! (more…)

Mogo Finance successfully places EUR 25 million tap on existing 9.50% corporate bond 2018/2022



Mintos is happy to announce that on November 9 Mogo group has successfully placed the tap issue of EUR 25 million of their corporate bond 2018/2022 (XS1831877755) at a coupon rate of 9.50%. After the tap issue, the total amount outstanding of Mogo corporate bond issued in Frankfurt Stock Exchange amounts to EUR 75 million. (more…)

Mintos raises EUR 5 million to provide users with personal IBAN accounts and debit cards



RIGA, November 14, 2018 — Mintos, the award-winning global marketplace for loans, has raised EUR 5 million Series A round to provide their users with personal IBAN accounts and debit cards. (more…)

Short-term lender Cashwagon from South-East Asia has joined Mintos!



For the first time, you can now invest in short-term loans from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region as Cashwagon has just launched on the marketplace! (more…)