Kredit Pintar expands offering, launches more instalment loans on Mintos



Kredit Pintar, the Indonesian-based platform provider of unsecured personal loans has expanded its offering on Mintos to include personal loans. The personal loans have maturities up to 12 months and an average amount of 120 euros. The loans come with a buyback guarantee, will be listed in EUR and investors can expect a net annual return of up to 13%. (more…)

Mogo now extends the offer by adding loans at higher interest rate without buyback guarantee and introducing risk categories



Mogo Group, one of the largest used-car financing companies in Europe, extends its offering on Mintos once again by adding a new higher-yielding investment product to the platform. Mogo loans without the buyback guarantee are available again on the marketplace. Moreover, you can now tailor your investments according to loan risk categories which are based on loan originators’ unique internal scoring models. (more…)

EcoFinance expands offering, launches more instalment loans on Mintos



Update 07.01.2020.

To improve its offer to investors, Ecofinace has decided to change the grace period for its loans placed on Mintos. The grace period of 15 days is changed to 3 days. This means, if the end borrower hasn’t begun to repay the loan after 3 days, the investor will see delayed interest to accumulate on their Mintos account on the fourth day.


Update: First payment after the revocation of Monego licence for loans received



As we shared earlier, a third party had stepped in to cover the payments to investors on Mintos. 

Due to an ongoing process of Monego case, we do not possess full information about the incoming payments from the borrowers, therefore further payments to investors on Mintos will subsequently be made by the third party once borrowers’ repayments are delayed for 60 days.  (more…)

Cashwagon expands its offer by placing instalment loans on Mintos



Cashwagon, the first company from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region that has joined Mintos has expanded its offering to investors, by placing unsecured personal (instalment) loans on the marketplace.  (more…)

IuteCredit Group makes early payment for Mintos investors



Since December 6, 2019 IuteCredit Group has transferred a total of € 161 415.43 of borrowers’ payments to Mintos. These payments are being accordingly credited to the Mintos investors’ accounts. (more…)

Finko unifies its loan originators into one group



Finko, a global  finance company, has decided to bring all its brands across different markets under one group brand. Finko’s brands on Mintos are operating in Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.  (more…)

IuteCredit Europe is covering Mintos investors’ repayments



Following up on the news we have previously shared regarding IuteCredit Kosovo, we want to inform you that IuteCredit Europe is covering repayments to investors for their investments made in loans issued by IuteCredit Kosovo. IuteCredit Europe, the owner of a subsidiary IuteCredit Kosovo, is covering ongoing outstanding payments and 60 days late payments with a buyback guarantee.

IuteCredit continues servicing existing loans in Kosovo and initiates a legal investigation of the recent decision by the Central Bank of Kosovo



Following last week’s Friday announcement, IuteCredit has shared its position on the situation and decided on the next steps.
IuteCredit Kosovo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IuteCredit Europe, confirms that their microfinance license has been revoked with immediate effect on December 6, 2019. Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) has appointed a liquidator of IuteCredit Kosovo. (more…)

IuteCredit and Monego license revoked in Kosovo



According to the announcement of the Central Bank of Kosovo from December 6, 2019, the licenses for the business in this country have been revoked for loan originators IuteCredit and Monego. (more…)



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