IuteCredit will repurchase part of its loan portfolio on Mintos



Towards the end of July, IuteCredit successfully issued a bond worth EUR 40 million. Following this, the leading European personal loan finance company will refinance its existing funding facilities, which will include loans funded by investors on Mintos. (more…)

Our four month journey to the EUR 3 billion milestone



At Mintos, we keep our eye on many numbers that build up our statistics and guide us in our business decisions. Every new investor, employee, loan originator, each new feature or system update validates our work. We are always inspired by progress: by every user experience we enhance, or investor’s suggestion we manage to add to the production from the huge backlog of ideas. This ability to be repeatedly motivated by even the smallest advancements might be the secret to Mintos’ success and spurs us to reach each new milestone faster. Read more

Aforti resumes transferring borrower repayments



Update on 16.08.2019: From today we will process the payments and buybacks and credit investors’ accounts as soon as Aforti Finance makes daily transfers to us in full. (more…)

Updates in loan originators’ info pages



We believe more transparency gives more certainty. Therefore, we have good news for you regarding loan originators’ pages on Mintos. (more…)

Ukrainian investment opportunities have grown on Mintos with the launch of SOS CREDIT



We have seen how much our investors have enjoyed investment opportunities from Ukraine, so we are pleased to let you know that these opportunities have grown on the marketplace, with the launch of SOS CREDIT consumer loans. (more…)

EcoFinance expands offering, launches personal loans on Mintos



EcoFinance, the first loan originator to join Mintos from Russia, has expanded its offering to Mintos investors, by placing new unsecured personal loans on the marketplace for you to invest. (more…)

Mikro Kapital grows on Mintos by adding business loans from Moldova



Mikro Kapital, which recently launched its business loans from the Russian Federation, is now giving you even more investment opportunities on the marketplace, but this time from a different country – Moldova! (more…)

IuteCredit issues a bond worth EUR 40 million



Mintos is pleased to announce that IuteCredit Europe, a leading European personal finance group, announced the issuance of a four-year senior secured corporate bond (ISIN: XS2033386603) worth EUR 40 million, with an annual interest rate of 13%. The settlement of the bond is expected to be on 7 August 2019. (more…)

Kredo and Monego launch a joint cashback campaign!



Today we are pleased to announce some good news for all Mintos investors – two of our Balkan loan originators are now offering you the chance to earn an extra bonus on your investment with a joint cashback campaign – Kredo and Monego. (more…)

Welcome Ukrainian short-term lender Alexcredit to the Mintos family!



At Mintos, we want to give you as many investment opportunities as possible. That’s why today we are pleased to welcome a new loan originator to our marketplace, short-term Ukrainian lender Alexcredit. (more…)