Sun Finance expands and offers new investment opportunities in Vietnam on Mintos



For investors seeking investment opportunities in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, Mintos is pleased to announce – Sun Finance now offers short-term loans issued in Vietnam with returns of up to 14%. Vietnam is another addition to the Sun Finance Group as a part of its core expansion strategy in Asia. As part of the Group’s core strategy is growth in Asia, expansion in Vietnam is the next logical step to further establish its presence in the region, following Kazakhstan. Read more

Mogo Group now offers to invest in car loans from Albania



Mogo Group expands once again! This time, the company adds Albania, the 11th country on Mintos. Now you can invest in more car loans and get exposure to a developing economy.   (more…)

Finko and Sun Finance extend their holiday cashback campaigns



Did you miss out on the opportunity to earn a 0.5% cashback? Now there’s another chance – Finko and Sun Finance cashback campaign has been prolonged until January 10! (more…)

Investments in loans issued by Ukrpozyka and Dinero – listed as Finko Ukraine on Mintos – has a parent company guarantee



Updated 30.12.2019

Investments in loans on Mintos marketplace may come with a number of risk mitigation factors. One of them is a corporate guarantee where a third party, typically the loan originator’s parent company guarantees the fulfilment of the loan originator’s obligations, including buyback obligation. It means if a loan originating company cannot fulfil its contractual agreements towards an investor on Mintos, the parent company of that loan originator has to step in and meet the loan originating company’s obligations towards the investors. Read more

Holidays 2019/2020: Investor Service team will be there for you!



From December 24, 2019, until January 2, 2020, Mintos Investor Service team will be at your disposal during the usual working hours. We will be taking your requests and questions exclusively via our [email protected] email address. (more…)

Mikro Kapital now offers investments in business and agricultural loans from Romania



Mikro Kapital, a part of a global holding company Mikro Kapital Group, has expanded its presence on Mintos by adding business and agricultural loans from Romania. Mikro Kapital now offers investment opportunities in 3 countries on Mintos.  (more…)

Mintos mobile app beta for iOS is in the test phase!



We are happy to share this good news with you just before the holiday season.

Mintos mobile app beta version for iOS is live! 🎉 (more…)

Alternative lending helps Kenyan economy grow



About this article

“Where is my money going?” is a question every investor should always ask themselves. To help you answer it, we’re starting the Region Focus article series here on the Mintos blog. In this series, we want to introduce you to various regions and countries, and look at them from different perspectives: economy, culture, lending space, and other interesting facts. Please note we’re partly relying on our own observations when visiting the regions to meet lending companies, and some information here may not be backed up by official sources.

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One of the top online lenders in Russia, Creditter joins Mintos



Creditter (ex SmartCredit) – online lender from Russia joins the Mintos family. You can now invest in the company’s short-term loans and earn net annual returns of up to 11% in EUR and 17% in RUB.  (more…)

Guest blog: Why 2020 could be a Great and Wonderful Year for P2P Lending in Europe



When Morgan Stanley projected that the global Peer to Peer (P2P) lending industry would grow at a 51% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and reach an incredible $290 billion by 2020, not many could believe the financial institution. Many critics saw this estimate as a long pipe dream, especially in an industry that’s so misunderstood.   (more…)