AML: guarding the digital persona



Constantly challenged by innovative fintech companies, lawmakers are continuously reshaping legal regulations in order to protect customers, companies and their business clients from illegal activities that might threaten the integrity and the safety of all the stakeholders mentioned, with tools like identity verification. Arising from local and global legislations, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is positioned as the legal guard that is protecting companies and their clients from the intrusions of illegal money-related activities. (more…)

Metrokredit no longer issues new loans



Metrokredit, a loan originator that joined Mintos in July 2018, temporarily has stopped issuance of new loans to borrowers. The existing investors will not be affected by this event, Metrokredit will continue serving existing loans, and investors will continue receiving repayments and interest.  (more…)

Mintos releases Notice for the event of default to Rapido Finance



Following the recent suspension of Rapido Finance on the Mintos Primary and Secondary Markets due to the loan originator’s failure to make timely payments to investors, there has been no new progress in payment transfers from Rapido Finance to Mintos investors. In the meantime, the management of Rapido Finance didn’t show any considerable effort to solve the matter. Such circumstances enable Mintos to take further steps in securing our investors’ interests.  (more…)

Dinero begins to compensate interest on delayed loans



Dinero – the first loan originator from Ukraine to launch on the marketplace, has been part of the Mintos family since August of 2018. Due to recent changes in the legislation of Latvia, there have been changes to the company’s investment structure on Mintos. (more…)

Update on Aforti Finance



We’ve combined the questions we have seen on our blog, social media as well as the ones asked to our Investor Service team, and are providing answers in a single yet slightly longer comment. Bear with us as we go through the Aforti Finance case.  (more…)

ExpressCredit continues Africa expansion, launches new country on Mintos – Namibia



After joining Mintos in March of 2018, ExpressCredit has been offering you the opportunity to invest in loans issued in the African continent. Today, the loan originator is adding a new country to the marketplace for the first time ever – Namibia. (more…)

Mintos temporarily suspends Rapido Finance from the marketplace



All loans originated by Rapido Finance have been suspended from the Mintos Primary and Secondary Markets because of the loan originators’ failure to transfer borrowers’ payments to Mintos investors on time. This means investors cannot buy or sell Rapido Finance loans, effective immediately until further notice. (more…)

Pending payment – new status functionality on Mintos



In the upcoming months we will introduce the Pending payment description to Mintos – a payment status functionality that will provide investors with clarity over the status of borrowers’ payments in the funnel from loan originators to the Mintos marketplace.  (more…)

Mintos Ratings Update for October 2019



In the fourth quarter of 2019, we are presenting you with the third Mintos Ratings update so far. (more…)

Call to guest contributors: Get featured on the Mintos blog!



We are thrilled to announce: the Mintos blog is now open for guest contributors! (more…)