Award-winning Polish fintech company LeaseLink has just joined Mintos!



Award-winning fintech company LeaseLink has just launched on Mintos! Now you have even more  chances to invest in loans from Poland. Enjoy this great opportunity to invest in its business loans and earn net annual returns of up to 10% in both EUR and PLN.

LeaseLink was founded in 2015 in Poland and has a team of 40 employees. The company is a modern leasing company which stands out on the market due to its quick loan issuance process, which takes only 12 minutes in total, and high-quality customer service. LeaseLink offers business loans denominated in…

Refer your friends, and get rewarded!



We know how much you enjoy our refer-a-friend campaign, so we are delighted to announce that it is back for another month! Don’t miss this great opportunity to recommend your friends to the Mintos marketplace and earn a bonus for both you and your friends! For each successful referral, you and your friend will be rewarded with 0.75% bonus of up to EUR 250 of the amount they invest.


US private equity-backed loan originator from Romania joins Mintos



The Mintos marketplace just got bigger as Credius now offers personal loans for investment in Romania. Credius is one of the five largest alternative lenders in Romania and it is backed by a private equity group from the United States, and you can invest in its personal loans listed in EUR now!

Credius is part of the American investment group of private equity funds New Century Holdings (“NCH”). NCH manages approximately USD 3 billion of capital through a network of nine offices in Eastern Europe, Russia and Brazil. NCH has been active on the Romanian market…

EBV Finance – September Newsletter



EBV Finance, the leading VAT refund provider in Central and Eastern Europe, has published its unaudited financial results for the first six months of 2018. The company was founded in 2009 in Lithuania and joined Mintos in May 2018. EBV offers its customers across the European Union (EU) very fast VAT refund services and has the largest VAT refund portfolio in the Baltics.


Mintos Reaches EUR 1 Billion Milestone in Total Loans Funded



After three and half years of operations, the Latvian-founded fintech startup Mintos has reached EUR 1 billion in total loans financed through the marketplace. This year has seen the most rapid increase in investments, with investors investing more than EUR 500 million. At this rate, EUR 2 billion will be reached already by the middle of 2019.

Kviku from Russia has just launched on Mintos



A new loan originator from Russia has just launched on the marketplace! Kviku is a leading fintech platform which currently provides instant online point-of-sale and instalment credit solutions to borrowers in Russia and Kazakhstan. In 2018, the company plans to expand its services into Spain and Poland. Kviku is the sixth loan originator with operations in Russia to join Mintos and you can now invest in its Russia-issued consumer loans listed in Euro (EUR) and Russian ruble (RUB).

Kviku was established in 2013 and was one of the first fintech companies to challenge the traditional banks in Russia….

Introducing Mintos Ratings



At Mintos, we are dedicated to giving you the utmost transparency. This is why we are pleased to introduce risk ratings for loan originators offering their loans on the marketplace. The Mintos Ratings are on a scale from “A+” to “D”, representing the lowest and the highest counterparty risk respectively.


Is it the loan performance or loan originator that matters?



With an unparalleled number of loans originated by many different loan originators around the world, the Mintos marketplace provides a great way to build a very well-diversified investment portfolio of loans. While diversification is the most important component for reaching long-range financial goals whilst also minimising risk, the question remains – how to pick which loans to invest in? Should one look at the loan performance, or rather, at the financial strength of the loan originator? Or perhaps both? Is loan performance important at all if the loans come with a buyback guarantee from the loan originator?

Interview with Martins Sulte: our goal is to promote the free flow of capital across country borders



There are very many people in the world with free financial means and with a desire to invest their money and earn that way; and there are also many people in the world who need money for the implementation of meaningful ideas, yet the necessary funds are not easily accessible. We wish to be a bridge uniting investors and borrowers from various countries and even continents” was underlined in the interview by the Chairman of the Board and Co-founder of Mintos, Mr Mārtiņš Šulte.

Mintos that is managed by you is recognised as a…

New structure for investments in ID Finance loans issued in Kazakhstan



Starting from August 31, 2018, there will be a new structure for investing in Kazakhstan-issued ID Finance loans on the Mintos marketplace. The change has been implemented due to specifics of the legislation for microfinance organisations in Kazakhstan.

How will the new process work?

To obtain exposure to ID Finance loans issued in Kazakhstan, investors will be able to invest in loans issued by Mintos Finance SIA to ID Finance’s legal entity in Kazakhstan — MFO OnlineKazFinance LLP ( – where repayments depend on the final borrower’s payments. Each loan issued by Mintos Finance SIA to…