Watch our latest webinar with ID Finance



Did you miss our latest webinar with ID Finance? On Tuesday, April 24, Mintos hosted a live webinar with ID Finance, which recently added Kazakhstan-issued loans for investment on the marketplace. ID Finance is a fast-growing data science, credit scoring and digital finance provider and the CEO and co-founder of ID Finance, Boris Batine, and the CFO of ID Finance Kazakhstan, Alexander Pak, revealed the group’s latest financials as well as discussed the potential of the alternative finance market in Kazakhstan.

We were also happy to announce that investing in loans listed…

LO Spotlight: Interview with Aforti Finance



Aforti Finance S.A. joined the marketplace in March 2016 and offers Poland-issued business loans for investment listed in Euro (EUR) and Polish zloty (PLN) on Mintos. Since its launch on the marketplace, around EUR 7 million has been invested in its loans. The company is part of Aforti Group which has recently announced it plans to expand the group’s operations dramatically and move its operations to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange by the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019. We thought this was a great opportunity to invite Katarzyna Wieczorek, the Managing Sales…

ExpressCredit now offers investment opportunities in personal loans from Zambia



Following a successful launch of ExpressCredit Botswana on Mintos, ExpressCredit now offers you investment opportunities from Zambia as well, through its local company YesCash Zambia Limited. Now you can invest in its Zambia-issued personal loans and enjoy returns of up to 14%.

ExpressCredit prides itself on its customer service and endeavours to give its clients a personal approach through its seven branches and two sales offices in Zambia, with more branches to be opened in 2018. It was incorporated on May 11, 2016, and obtained a non-deposit taking microfinance institution licence on December 23, 2016, from…

Join our latest webinar with ID Finance!



We would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar with ID Finance. ID Finance is fast-growing data science, credit scoring and digital finance provider and has recently launched new investment opportunities from Kazakhstan on the marketplace.

Date and time: Tuesday, April 24, 19:00 (GMT +3)

(17:00 London time; 18:00 Berlin time; 19:00 Riga time)

Duration: 45 minutes


– Boris Batine, co-founder and CEO at ID Finance

– Alexander Pak, CFO at ID Finance Kazakhstan

The webinar will be moderated by Celeste Skinner, Content Marketing Manager…

Latest update on Eurocent



Due to Eurocent’s complex property and legal situation, and its inability to obtain an investor, as of March 20, 2018, Eurocent has ceased its operations. According to the compulsory administrator of Eurocent, continued operating activity is economically unjustified and there are no real prospects for the implementation of the arrangement and restructuring of the company.

It is our priority to protect the interest of our investors and we are currently doing everything possible to ensure this.  Our lawyers are now reaching out to the administrator and the board of Eurocent to see how we…

The Mogo cashback campaign has been extended until May!



Mogo wants to make sure you get the best from its cashback campaign, so the loan originator has extended its cashback campaign until May 16, 2018. This means you can still earn a cashback of up to 5% if you invest in its loans with maturities of one year or more.

You will get a cashback of:

– 1% for investing in Mogo loans with a maturity of 12 to 23 months;

– 2% for investing in Mogo loans with a maturity of 24 to 35 months;

– 3% for investing in Mogo…

Investing on Mintos is now as easy as clicking a button with our new investment strategies



Now investing on Mintos is easier than ever – all it takes is two clicks of a button – thanks to our new investment strategies.

Investment strategies are predefined Auto Invest strategies that will help you achieve your investment goals with just a few clicks of a button. There are three investment strategies – short-term, diversification, and secured loan strategy. Currently, the investment strategies are available only in euro (EUR), however, we will add more currencies as we go.

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EcoFinance now offers investment opportunities in Russian rubles



Investors on Mintos can now invest in online unsecured personal loans issued by EcoFinance in Russian rubles (RUB). This new investment product will allow Mintos investors to earn much higher rates of return and increase diversity.

EcoFinance was the first loan originator from Russia to join the Mintos marketplace and now offers its RUB loans for investment with annual returns of up to 17%. Russia-issued EcoFinance loans listed in RUB range from around RUB 5 000 to 30 000. The repayment period is up to 30 days.

There are two ways to invest in RUB…

There are now even more ways you can transfer money to Mintos



We have recently added a range of new bank accounts and e-money services to make transferring funds to your investor account as easy and convenient as possible. This is in addition to the payment options already available on Mintos.

The new payment options vary depending on your location and chosen currency, you can see the range of services you can use in the “Deposits/Withdraw/FX” section and choose the currency you wish to transfer to Mintos.

We endeavour to provide you with the best possible solutions to transfer your funds to Mintos. Because of this, we…

ID Finance now offers loans for investment from Kazakhstan



ID Finance now offers even more investment opportunities on Mintos by launching its Kazakhstan-issued personal loans listed in Euro (EUR) and Kazakhstani tenge (KZT) on the marketplace under its Solva brand. This is in addition to the loans already available for investment from Georgia and Spain.

Solva Kazakhstan specialises in issuing personal online loans to individuals and small and micro-entrepreneurs. The company offers borrowers fast access to funds, an online application can be made in less than eight minutes and borrowers receive a decision instantly. Since its establishment in 2016, it has funded more than 6…