Banknote places pawnbroking loans on the Mintos marketplace



Non-bank credit lender Banknote will now offer secured loans using personal property as collateral (pawnbroking loans) issued in Latvia on the Mintos marketplace. This is a new loan type on the platform, giving investors even more opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio. (more…)

Mogo to offer loans from Poland on Mintos marketplace



Non-bank car loan provider Mogo is expanding its presence on the Mintos marketplace!

Mogo will now offer car loans issued in Poland on the platform. The loan originator will offer investment opportunities in Polish zloty (PLN). (more…)

Currency exchange now available on Mintos – our latest feature to maximize efficiency



We are happy to reveal that from today you can convert currency directly on Mintos marketplace to invest it in loans denominated in other currencies.

At Mintos, we take feedback very seriously, and therefore we have been continuously improving our platform by implementing your suggestions to make it easier to use. (more…)

New loan originator from Latvia joining the Mintos marketplace



We are happy to announce that NORD līzings has joined Mintos and will place car loans issued in Latvia on the platform starting today.

NORD līzings loans placed on the Mintos platform will range between EUR 1 000 and EUR 10 000 with loan terms from12 months to 60 months. (more…)

Romanian non-bank loan originator joins the Mintos marketplace



We are very pleased to announce that a leading non-bank mortgage loan originator in Romania – Extra Finance has joined the Mintos marketplace. Extra Finance will place mortgage loans on the Mintos marketplace. (more…)

Opportunities to invest in Danish krone on the Mintos marketplace



Starting today, investors will have the opportunity to invest in loans denominated in Danish krone (DKK) on the Mintos marketplace.
The loan originator Creamfinance is offering investment opportunities in Danish krone. (more…)

Changes in Lendo’s “skin in the game”



We would like to inform you that Lendo, loan originator which offers short-term unsecured loans from Georgia on the Mintos marketplace, will decrease its “skin in the game” from 15% to 10% starting January 19, 2017. (more…)

December platform improvements



This December we have introduced not only the opportunity to invest in multiple currencies, but have also implemented several investor-suggested improvements to make our platform even easier to use: (more…)

Mintos launches multi-currency investment opportunities



We are very excited to announce multi-currency investment opportunities on the Mintos marketplace. Starting today, investors will have the opportunity to invest in loans denominated in Czech koruna. Loans in other currencies will be available soon. By facilitating investments in multiple currencies, we are helping investors and loan originators to eliminate one of the most significant financial risks – currency risk. (more…)

An interview with CEO of Aforti Holding Klaudiusz Sytek