Dinero begins to compensate interest on delayed loans



Dinero – the first loan originator from Ukraine to launch on the marketplace, has been part of the Mintos family since August of 2018. Due to recent changes in the legislation of Latvia, there have been changes to the company’s investment structure on Mintos. (more…)

ExpressCredit continues Africa expansion, launches new country on Mintos – Namibia



After joining Mintos in March of 2018, ExpressCredit has been offering you the opportunity to invest in loans issued in the African continent. Today, the loan originator is adding a new country to the marketplace for the first time ever – Namibia. (more…)

Pending payment – new status functionality on Mintos



In the upcoming months we will introduce the Pending payment description to Mintos – a payment status functionality that will provide investors with clarity over the status of borrowers’ payments in the funnel from loan originators to the Mintos marketplace.  (more…)

Mintos Ratings Update for October 2019



In the fourth quarter of 2019, we are presenting you with the third Mintos Ratings update so far. (more…)

Call to guest contributors: Get featured on the Mintos blog!



We are thrilled to announce: the Mintos blog is now open for guest contributors! (more…)

Vote for Mintos and help us receive the People’s Choice Award!



Ever since the foundation of the Mintos marketplace, investors’ best interest, feedback and suggestions have been among the strongest driving forces behind our business decisions. This loyalty to investors has been rewarded. For three years in a row, Mintos investors and friends have voted us as the marketplace of choice in the AltFi’s voting competition for the players in the global alternative finance space. Mintos has won the  AltFi’s “People’s Choice Award” for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. (more…)

Mintos brand logo gets a makeover



As most startups do, Mintos has its own story about the challenging times from the beginning of the company’s launch. A few people doing more than a few jobs; running operations, developing a product, building strategy, positioning the company, hunting for loan originators, providing a satisfying service to every individual customer. The Mintos brand was born from these first steps: a five-people team establishing the niche business of an online marketplace for investments in loans. (more…)

Update on the Aforti Finance



Follow-up on most recent questions from investors. (more…)

Mintos after Q3: Demand and supply



Along with opening up the market to a new asset class of loans for retail investors, we continue experiencing strong growth in the number of investors using the Mintos marketplace (more…)

Introducing the schedule extension feature



Many lending companies offer borrowers the option to extend the repayment schedule for their loan. Up to now, there was no good way to reflect this on Mintos: every time a borrower asked for an extension, the lending company repurchased the loan from Mintos investors, and then placed it back with the extended schedule as a new loan. (more…)