The Refer-a-Friend campaign is extended until December 3, 2018



We saw how much you were enjoying the Refer-a-Friend campaign, so we have some great news for you! We have extended the Refer-a-Friend campaign by an extra month and you now have time until December 3, 2018, to earn extra returns on your investments. (more…)

Mintos Joins Czech Fintech Association



Mintos is proud to announce that we have joined the Czech Fintech Association (CFA). The CFA, Founded in 2016, aims to support the shared interests of fintech companies and entrepreneurs, shape the regulatory environment and, thereby, promote the adoption of cashless and frictionless solutions in all sorts of transactions. (more…)

You can now invest in Latvia-issued loans from Creamfinance!



Creamfinance has expanded its offering on Mintos as it has just placed Latvia-issued short-term and instalment loans for investment! Creamfinance has been ranked as the second-fastest growing company in Europe by the prestigious Inc. 5000 Europe ranking and you can invest in its loans from Latvia on the marketplace now and enjoy returns of up to 10%. (more…)

Two-factor authentication is now available for your investor account



At Mintos, one of our top priorities is ensuring the security of your information. We value your data and always make sure that it’s safe, secure and available only to authorised users. Therefore, as part of our security policy, we are happy to announce that you can now enable two-factor authentication for your investor account. You can now add an extra layer of security to your account by entering a verification code after you enter your usual log in data. (more…)

FIREOF now offers risk categories for its loans



Spanish mortgage lender FIREOF Management, which recently launched on Mintos, now offers you the opportunity to invest in its loans by selecting them based on loan risk categories. The inclusion of the risk categories will allow you to make more informed investment decisions. (more…)

IuteCredit now offers loans from Kosovo for investment on Mintos



IuteCredit has yet again expanded its investment offering on Mintos by placing its consumer loans issued in Kosovo on the marketplace. This is in addition to the loans that were already available for investment from IuteCredit in Albania and Moldova. (more…)

You can now filter loans using the Mintos Ratings



We know how much you value transparency on Mintos. This is why we were very happy to recently announce the launch of our Mintos Ratings, to allow you to make more informed investment decisions. Now, we are happy to make a further announcement regarding this – you can now select loans based on these ratings. (more…)

ID Finance has just added more personal loans from Spain on Mintos



Starting today, ID Finance will be offering the opportunity for you to invest in Spain-issued personal loans with repayments of up to 24 months under a new brand – This is in addition to the ID Finance short-term and personal loans under brand from Spain, as well as personal loans from Georgia and Kazakhstan already offered on Mintos. (more…)

Get access to Auto Invest before the official launch!



We are delighted to inform you that the Auto Invest tool, which is utilised by so many of our investors to enhance their investment experience on the Primary Market, will be available for investments made on our Secondary Market from December 3, 2018 (more…)

Transfer funds to Mintos instantly with Trustly!



We have recently added Trustly, an online payment service provider, which will allow you to transfer your funds to your Mintos account instantly! This is in addition to the current e-money and online payment services which are currently available on Mintos. (more…)