You can invest in Mogo’s Moldova-issued car loans now



Mogo, the largest non-bank car loan financer in the Baltics, has yet again increased its offering to investors on Mintos! The company has added its car loans from Moldova for investment with expected net annual returns of up to 14% – so don’t miss out!

In terms of loans funded, Mogo is one of the largest loan originators on Mintos. The company was established in 2012 in Latvia and joined Mintos in March 2015 and it currently offers investment opportunities in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and now Moldova. The company began issuing loans in…

Latvia: a fast-growing alternative finance industry



On Mintos, you can now invest in loans issued in 23 countries on five continents around the world. This means you have the opportunity to effectively diversify your investment portfolio and increase your chances of success. However, it can also be daunting to have so many options to choose from and know which investment geographies are right for you. To help you make a more informed decision, we present the second article of our country overview series on Mintos, taking a look at Latvia. You can read the first article in this series, which focused on Poland,…

Mogo now offers investment opportunities in Georgia



Mogo is now offering you even more investment opportunities on the marketplace, as Mogo Georgia has just launched on Mintos. Mogo is the largest non-bank car loan provider in the Baltic region, and Mogo Georgia is a market leader for non-bank car loans in Georgia. You can now invest in its Georgia-issued secured car loans listed in Euro (EUR) and Georgian lari (GEL) on the marketplace.

Established in 2012, Mogo’s business model is based on its fast customer service and open communication. As a result, the company has more than 40 000 clients worldwide. Headquartered in…

LO Spotlight: Interview with Aasa



Established in 2010, Aasa Group offers personal loans in Finland, Poland and Sweden. The group is one of the top three lenders on the Polish market and is in the top five lenders in Finland. Aasa is committed to responsible lending, innovation and diversity. The group recently signed the Diversity Charter, which promotes cultural, ethnic and social diversity in a work environment. In terms of operation size, Aasa is the largest loan originator on Mintos and currently offers loans for investment from Poland and Sweden. Joining Mintos is Meliina Räty, Chief Strategy Officer responsible for Aasa Group’s expansion to…

New APR feature will give you even more ways to measure risk on Mintos



We are committed to being the leader for transparency for loan marketplaces. That’s why you can now see the annual percent rate (APR) for each loan, allowing you to gauge risk better and make even more informed investment decisions.

What is an APR? An APR is the annualised effective cost charged to borrowers when they take out a loan. This rate represents the yearly cost of funds over the term of the loan and is expressed as a percentage. The APR does not take compounding into account, but it does include any fees or additional costs…

Alfakredyt has launched on Mintos and offers investment opportunities from Poland



There are now more investment opportunities in Euro (EUR) and Polish zloty (PLN) on Mintos! Alfakredyt has just launched on the marketplace and offers you the opportunity to invest in its short-term Poland-issued loans and earn net annual returns of up to 11%.

Alfakredyt was established in 2013 in Poland and since its inception around 150 000 loans have been disbursed worth EUR 55.5 million. The company offers loans up to PLN 4 000 (around EUR 900) and it prides itself on its fast service – borrowers can receive funds in their account within 15 minutes…

Answers to the questions from ID Finance’s webinar are here!



On April 24, 2018, ID Finance joined Mintos for a live webinar to discuss the company’s latest financials and the investment opportunities in Kazakhstan. After the presentation, investors were able to ask questions of the two speakers – the CEO of ID Finance, Boris Batine and the CFO of ID Finance Kazakhstan, Alexander Pak. Due to time constraints, some of the questions were left unanswered during the webinar, however, you can now read the answers from ID Finance below:

Are the loans on Mintos secured (by real assets) or are they unsecured loans? 

ID Finance…

We need your vote!



Voting for the 2018 Spanish Fintech awards is now open and Mintos has been nominated for their version of the People’s Choice Award. We would appreciate if you could spare a few seconds of your time to show that Mintos is the go-to marketplace for loans.

At Mintos, we want to give you a high-level of variety and therefore, plenty of opportunities for diversification so you can achieve your investment goals. Already in 2018, we have added nine new loan originators to Mintos and seven new countries – Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, United Kingdom and…

The first loan originator from Mexico has launched on Mintos



The marketplace is continuing to expand rapidly and we are pleased to launch the first loan originator from Mexico offering loans for investment in Mexican peso (MXN). Credilikeme is one of the most innovative loan originators in Mexico, offering personal loans to Mexican citizens online and through its immersive mobile app which uses gamification features. The company offers you the chance to invest in its personal loans from Mexico listed in MXN with expected net annual returns of 16%.

Credilikeme was established in 2012 and has issued more than 35 000 loans since then. The company…

The Mogo cashback campaign has been extended until June!



Mogo is yet again extending its cashback campaign! Now, until June 16, 2018, you can earn a cashback of up to 5% if you invest in its loans with a maturity of one year or more.

You will get a cashback of:

– 1% for investing in Mogo loans with a maturity of 12 to 23 months;

– 2% for investing in Mogo loans with a maturity of 24 to 35 months;

– 3% for investing in Mogo loans with a maturity of 36 to 47 months;

– 4% for investing in…