Invest in AgroCredit loans and support farmers in Latvia



We are truly pleased to announce that we are now working with nonbank lender AgroCredit, which issues farmers loans secured with grain sale contracts. This collaboration between AgroCredit and Mintos will provide Latvian farmers improved access to financing.

AgroCredit’s clients are primarily grain farmers, who require financing for agricultural inputs, including seeds, fertilizer, chemicals, or fuel costs. Future grain sale contracts with AgroCredit partners act as collateral for these loans; once grain is delivered, funds are transferred to the lender’s account, paying down the farmer’s liabilities.

AgroCredit will place loans on Mintos marketplace with principal from EUR 5,000 to 100,000…


Marcis Gogis: Mintos marketplace improvements in July



We are implementing responsive user interfaces step by step and you will see the Mintos marketplace completely responsive in the near future.

User experience has a significant role in determining our client satisfaction goals, so this July was marked as a starting point for building responsive web design user interfaces to improve the usage quality of the Mintos peer-to-peer lending platform on mobile phones and other touchscreen devices. These improvements will allow us to provide a handy online investment environment for investors, regardless of device screen resolution. The first steps towards fully responsive platform design can already be…


Georgian credit lender Lendo will offer short-term, unsecured loans on the Mintos marketplace



We are truly pleased to announce our new cooperation with Lendo, a non-bank credit lender from Georgia. Lendo will offer short-term unsecured loans on the Mintos platform.

The average loan will range around EUR 100 with a 30-day due date.  Lendo will offer a buyback guarantee for loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days.

To start with, the average annual net return for these loans is expected to be 14%. Initially, Lendo will also keep at least 15% of each loan that they place on the platform on its balance…


Nonbank mortgage lender from Lithuania, Kredito garantas, joins the Mintos marketplace



The Mintos team is very pleased to announce that Lithuania’s subsidiary of Omega Laen – Kredito garantas  – has joined the Mintos marketplace, where they will offer personal mortgage loans.

Kredito garantas will offer low-risk loans for financing in the marketplace. These loans will primarily range from EUR 1 500 to 40 000, with repayment periods from 6 months to 10 years. As these are low-risk loans – guaranteed with real estate collateral in Lithuania’s largest cities – the average net annual return is expected to be approximately 8%. In order to retain “skin in the game”, Kredito garantas will keep at least 10%…


Martins Valters: Deep Dive in the Secondary Market of Mintos



What does nearly 1.5 years of secondary market data reveal?

In this post we will analyze data from secondary market transactions for the period from Mintos’ launch in January 2015 through May 2016. At end of this article we also include a detailed list of secondary market transactions for the above-mentioned period.

Some of our investors have expressed concerns about loan flipping – that some investors buy loans on the primary market and then resell them to other investors in the secondary market by charging a premium and thus turning a quick profit. To address these concerns, we will also review…


A fast-growing peer-to-peer marketplace from the Baltics conquers Europe



Interview with Martins Sulte, CEO and Co-founder of Mintos.

Can you start by telling us what Mintos is about?

Mintos is a fintech startup. We operate as a p2p loan marketplace that allows investors to invest in various loans from a constantly growing number of loan originators. To put it in a broader context, the Mintos marketplace functions similarly to the way Amazon does. While Amazon connects merchants selling goods to consumers, Mintos connects loan originators selling loans to investors.

By creating this service, the Mintos team offers investors an asset class that previously was not widely available — the opportunity to…

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Refer-a-Friend Program



We are happy to officially announce that we have launched the Refer-a-Friend Program. This program makes it easier for you to introduce Mintos to your friends — and get rewarded. For every successful referral, we will credit 1% of their invested amount to both your and your friend’s investor account!

To start earning refer-a-friend rewards, send a registration link from your Mintos investor account to a friend. Once your friend registers via the link and starts investing, we will reward both of you with 1% of their invested amount. The reward will be calculated based on the average daily invested balance over a 3-month period and…


Join our Affiliate Program and Earn



Not an investor on Mintos platform, yet? No problem, you can still make money via Mintos Affiliate Program.


How can you join?

1. Contact our affiliate consultant at:

2. Receive your unique affiliate URL and promotional materials, as needed. We will provide you with a URL that contains a unique code to identify which investors you have brought to Mintos.

3. Start earning a competitive commission for all new investors you bring to Mintos.

What will you earn?

You will receive EUR 5 for every registration made from your unique affiliate URL. And what is even better — 1% of their outstanding invested…


Mintos Annual Report



What an exciting time for Mintos, its partners, investors and employees! Our peer-to-peer lending marketplace has grown tremendously since its inception in January 2015. We are pleased to present Mintos’ first annual report (for the period ending 31 December 2015).
The financial statements were prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and audited by Ernst & Young. During the first year of operations, Mintos achieved strong growth in business volumes and made sizeable investments in the development of the Mintos platform and expanding its team. Mintos had a strong equity position of EUR 406,000 and cash reserves of…


Welcome on board, Janis!



This month Janis Pranevics joined the Mintos team as the Head of Loan Originator Partnerships. He earned his BSc degree from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and his MBA from Riga Business School. Janis is also a CFA charterholder.
Janis has 10 years of experience in the financial services industry, and comes to Mintos from the leading private equity company in the Baltics, BaltCap. Here he was responsible for originating, structuring, executing, overseeing and exiting investments. Prior to BaltCap, he worked with CBL Asset Management, the largest asset management company in the Baltics.

In his spare time, Janis enjoys an active lifestyle. He is an avid hiker and is…