Mintos becomes a member of the Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association



We are pleased to announce that Mintos is now a member of the Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association. The association aims to create a supportive environment for fintech and insurtech companies in Spain and strengthen the growth of the fintech industry.

The association achieves its goals through extensive research that leads to projects facilitating the creation of good practices in the industry and making it more dynamic. It is the voice of the fintech industry in Spain, and its goal is to achieve a more favourable regulatory framework that suits the demand of the…

Mogo cashback campaign extended



Do you want to get a cashback of up to 5%? Mogo has seen how much investors on Mintos have been enjoying its cashback campaign, so the company has extended it by an extra month.

Now, until March 16, 2018, if you invest in Mogo loans with a maturity of four years or more you can get a cashback of up to 5%! You will get an instant cashback of:

– 4% for investing in Mogo loans with a maturity of 48 to 59 months,

– 5% for investing in Mogo loans with…

Diversify your investment portfolio on Mintos – Step 1



You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. When it comes to investing, this phrase could not be more relevant. Therefore, at Mintos we have our own saying: don’t put all your money into one loan, diversify!

The majority of investment professionals agree that diversification is the most important component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimising risk. Just a quick glance at statistics on Mintos also proves that investors who diversify their portfolio are more likely to experience less volatility and more solid returns than those with more…

Mintos exceeds half a billion euro in investments and continues to lead in Europe



Yet another significant milestone has been met by the Mintos marketplace for loans – in three years since its establishment, it has exceeded the half a billion euro mark in cumulative investments by investors. According to Altfi Data, Mintos currently is the leading player in the peer-to-peer lending market in Continental Europe with 39% of market share.

About EUR 1.5 million is invested in loans through Mintos daily, which is three times more than just a year ago. The average historic net annual return for investors over the past three years has been 11.9%.

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Mintos expands into Latin America by offering loans from Colombia



Mintos adds the fourth continent, South America, to its geographical diversity by adding a new loan originator from Colombia. has joined the marketplace and for the first time, you can now invest in Colombia-issued short-term consumer loans with returns up to 13%.

“ joining Mintos is a great achievement. With this addition, Mintos now offers loans from four different continents and 21 countries. Latin America’s alternative finance industry is growing rapidly, and we could not be happier to start on this continent with Colombia. Colombia is presently one of the first…

First loan originator from Armenia – – joins Mintos



The first loan originator from Armenia has just joined Mintos! is one of the leading alternative lending companies in the country and now offers short-term consumer loans for investment on the Mintos marketplace. Loans from are listed in euro (EUR) with expected returns of 13%.

Established in 2016, is a universal credit organisation that offers its customers fast and easy access to funds through an effective application process. Clients can receive their loan from the company in cash after applying at one of the 30 branches the company has across Armenia.

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Current situation with Eurocent



Here is another update on the situation with Eurocent.

As the compulsory administrator was appointed to Eurocent, all commercial decisions now require his approval. Because of this, regular settlements with Mintos were stopped by Eurocent in December 2017. Meanwhile, the District Court of Krakow has not yet reached a decision whether Eurocent can commence the formal restructuring process.

The management of Mintos continues to be in close contact with the administrator of Eurocent about the company’s situation and possible future developments. Currently, Mintos is in the process of evaluating all options…

InviPay from Poland joins Mintos and offers to invest in invoice financing



We are pleased to welcome a new invoice financing provider from Poland to Mintos. InviPay is the leading non-bank micro factoring fintech institutions in Poland. The company offers to invest in invoices in both euro (EUR) and Polish złoty (PLN) on Mintos with expected annual returns of 10%.

Established in 2015, InviPay is a market leader in innovation in Poland for invoice financing. InviPay is one of the few invoice financing companies in Poland to be completely online and supplies its services to small and medium-sized businesses through…

Kredit24 joins the Mintos marketplace and offers Kazakhstan-issued loans



Do you want to invest in Kazakhstan loans? For the first time on Mintos, now you can. We are delighted to announce that Kredit24 has joined the Mintos marketplace and its short-term consumer loans in both euro (EUR) and Kazakhstani tenge (KZT) are available for investment. Kazakhstan is the first Central Asia country to be added to the Mintos marketplace.

Kredit24 is a pioneer in offering online micro-loans in Kazakhstan. It is a member of Silkway Ventures, the fast-growing international group of tech companies focusing on consumer finance…

You can now invest in loans issued in Kenya by Watu Credit



Kenya has just been added to the list of countries on Mintos! This is the second country from Africa and the 18th to be represented on the Mintos marketplace. Thanks to Watu Credit, you now have the opportunity to invest in Kenya-issued personal loans and reap returns of up to 13% per year.

Established in 2015, Watu Credit offers asset financing and business loans for small businesses. Headquartered in Mombasa the company is currently expanding with branches already opened in Nairobi, Malindi, Nakuru and Mombasa region.

“Watu Credit is pleased to join the diverse family…