Investment opportunities from Indonesia continue to grow as JULO joins Mintos



An innovative Indonesian lending company JULO, launches on Mintos and offers investors to earn up to 12.5% in interest per year for instalment loans listed in EUR.  (more…)

A microfinance organization GFM from Kazakhstan joins Mintos with pawnbroking loans



We are pleased to announce that there are now even more investment opportunities from Kazakhstan, as micro-loan lender GFM has just launched on the marketplace. You can invest in its loans now and enjoy net returns of up to 18% for Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT) and up to 9% for EUR annually.  (more…)

Mikro Kapital grows on Mintos by adding its Fitch “B-” rated subsidiary from Belarus



Mikro Kapital, with its legal entity Mikro Leasing, launches on Mintos and offers you to invest in loans issued in Belarus, On Mintos, this is the Mikro Kapital Group’s fourth country, together with Russia, Moldova and Romania. Mikro Leasing loans on the Mintos marketplace will be listed in Euros (€) and Russian ruble (RUB), with expected returns of up to 10% (loans in €) and up to 16% (loans in RUB).  (more…)

Mintos mobile app beta for Android is in the test phase!



Around 3500 Mintos investors have joined the Mintos Beta Testers group and part of them was already given access to the app beta version for iOS back in December 2019 and, as promised, now we are happy to share the mobile app beta version for Android users! (more…)

How to choose a crowdlending platform



When it comes to a platform for investing in loans, selecting the right one might be just as much of an important step as the actual investments themselves. While it’s tempting to head straight to the platform claiming to offer loans with the highest returns, it makes more sense to consider any potential platform as somewhat of a ‘business partner’, since you’ll be relying on them through thick and thin. (more…)

Mintos Yearly Overview, 2019



2019 has been an exciting and dynamic ride on Mintos. Besides launching a new product, doubling volumes of investments on the marketplace and almost tripling our team, we moved to a new head office and revamped our brand. More importantly, we have done some hard and profound work in all teams that constitute Mintos, establishing new standards for investing in loans globally.  (more…)

Sun Finance expands and offers new investment opportunities in Vietnam on Mintos



For investors seeking investment opportunities in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, Mintos is pleased to announce – Sun Finance now offers short-term loans issued in Vietnam with returns of up to 14%. Vietnam is another addition to the Sun Finance Group as a part of its core expansion strategy in Asia. As part of the Group’s core strategy is growth in Asia, expansion in Vietnam is the next logical step to further establish its presence in the region, following Kazakhstan. Read more

Mogo Group now offers to invest in car loans from Albania



Mogo Group expands once again! This time, the company adds Albania, the 11th country on Mintos. Now you can invest in more car loans and get exposure to a developing economy.   (more…)

Finko and Sun Finance extend their holiday cashback campaigns



Did you miss out on the opportunity to earn a 0.5% cashback? Now there’s another chance – Finko and Sun Finance cashback campaign has been prolonged until January 10! (more…)

Investments in loans issued by Ukrpozyka and Dinero – listed as Finko Ukraine on Mintos – has a parent company guarantee



Updated 30.12.2019

Investments in loans on Mintos marketplace may come with a number of risk mitigation factors. One of them is a corporate guarantee where a third party, typically the loan originator’s parent company guarantees the fulfilment of the loan originator’s obligations, including buyback obligation. It means if a loan originating company cannot fulfil its contractual agreements towards an investor on Mintos, the parent company of that loan originator has to step in and meet the loan originating company’s obligations towards the investors. Read more


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