Our currency exchange offers you fair rates with a low and transparent fee



Since December, Mintos has offered the option to invest in loans denominated in multiple currencies, including Danish krones, Czech korunas, Georgian lari, Polish zloty, Romanian Leu, with more to follow in near future. We have receive great reviews from investors! The currency exchange service offered on our platform is already being widely used.

Last month we took the next step by introducing the opportunity to convert currency directly on our platform. This means you are able to convert the money in your Mintos account to other currencies in an instant. No need to go to a bank or other currency conversion provider to convert your money.

We offered this service without any fees during the beta phase, and now we have implemented Mintos fee for currency exchange. Our fee is low, transparent and displayed upfront before conversion. There is no markup to the exchange rate or anything like that.

Moreover, we provide our customers with advantageous mid-market rates. These are rates that banks use to trade among themselves, but which are not typically available to their customers. Mintos investors are among the privileged few who can capitalize on this advantage.

Have you already tried the currency exchange option or do you have any questions? We would be happy to hear from you!


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