How to use the 2% increase of the average interest rate on Mintos?



The rates are higher, the loans are counted in hundreds of thousands, the risks are mitigated, bonuses ready. Why not plant the fruitful seeds of investment this spring on Mintos?

In the previous 10 weeks, the average interest rate for loans in EUR on Mintos has grown by ~2%, increasing our attractive interest rate from 11% to 13%. While the interest rates of some particular loans are even higher, we can’t help but wonder if all Mintos investors are using this opportunity to earn even better returns on investments.

Among the almost 400 000 loans offered on the Mintos Primary market, there is a large amount of loans with superior risk-adjusted returns.

We want to make sure you are getting the highest return with your investment on the marketplace. You can easily seize this opportunity to increase your return on investment and your passive income on Mintos, so here are some tips about how to lock-in these great returns!

1. Invest more & earn more

Make the higher rates work for you right now, by adding more funds to your investment account and by diversifying your investment through the great portfolio of loans on Mintos. It is easy; you can always invest more in order to earn more.

Increase your ROI

2. Dig, Explore and Put to Work the cherry-picked loans offered on Mintos

Whether you are using Auto Invest or Manual Invest, you might be missing out on some of the new loan originators’ portfolios recently launched on Mintos. Take a “virtual” walk through the marketplace and check the loans offered by applying the filters and customising your preferences to make the best choice for your new investment among the almost 400 000 loans offered.

Example: By investing in longer maturity loans, you are “locking-in” the high returns for your long-term passive earnings. Don’t forget about the Buyback Guarantee as a safety-net for the future of your investment, as most of the loans on Mintos come with one.

3. Perfect time to (re)use your Refer-a-Friend code

This increase in the average interest rate can make your referral’s outstanding investment more valuable than it was with your previous referrals – if you have used your code by now.

In a short period of 14 days, both you and your friend that becomes the active investor on Mintos can earn great bonuses based on your friend’s investment that is boosted by the increased average interest rate on the Mintos marketplace.

Invite Friends and earn bonuses