Interview with Martins Sulte, CEO of Mintos




  • Arne Arnold

    Please keep in mind to manage Eurocent openly and, to some extent, successfully before conquering the world.

  • Brian Anesen

    If the goal for the future shall stick, then Mintos will have to look at the income. Maybe the fees are not quite high enough. I dont know. But the expenses compared to the income is a red flag, even if you take into consederation that a lot of money is put into investing in growth. I would like to see the financials for the comming years to be able to make a profit without further big investors putting more money in.
    Another thing is that the question about the buy-back garantee. If it will stay or vanish. I really cant see the answer to that question. Only an explanation of how and why. And I agree with another user…please pay attention to a possible disaster….Eurocent.
    But please be aware, that I am not just critisising. I actually think that Mintos have so many great values and I cross my fingers that they will continue to exist far into the future. I like the platform a lot. I just want to make sure that they remember not just the easy positive sides, but everything.



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