June platform improvements



Taking into account how popular Auto Invest is among investors, in June we have made several improvements to the tool:

We have added the ability to set a priority order for Auto Invest portfolios. If an investor has made several Auto Invest portfolios and has unused funds in their Mintos account, the first portfolio to be fulfilled with be the portfolio set with the highest priority.

It is now possible to define not only the maximum, but also the minimum investment sum to invest in one loan.

When creating new investment portfolios, investors can now view the list of loans that meet their chosen criteria, as well as see summary graphs by loan type, country of origin, and loan originator.

For investor convenience, we have also added the ability to quickly create a new Auto Invest portfolio according to criteria selected in the primary market.  

In addition to Auto Invest improvements, we have added sliders to the Mintos secondary market, that allow investors to see available loans by yield-to-maturity (YTM) and term.