Mintos: Third time winner of the AltFi’s People’s Choice Award!



Your Mintos Team is the third time winner of the AltFi’s People’s Choice Award. For three years, Mintos investors have consecutively chosen our marketplace as their favourite European alternative finance platform.

After AltFi’s “People’s Choice Award” for 2016 and 2017, the award for 2018 is further  validation of our efforts to make Mintos the marketplace investors will love. After this award, we feel even more motivated to continue our work to enhance the investor experience on Mintos. We will always aim to add more value for Mintos investors while keeping our high standards of transparency and trustworthiness.

We want to say thank you in all the languages of the more than 70 countries you come from for making Mintos the global marketplace of people’s choice.

Your Mintos Team



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