AgroCredit Latvia unaudited annual report 2016



AgroCredit Latvia publish unaudited annual accounts for 12 months, 2016.

In 2016 the company was continously growing, showing gradual and well balanced development trend. The share capital of the company was raised by 1/3rd and that allowed to acquire additional financial resources from outer investors and thus grow the credit portfolio. The total credit portfolio achieved nearly 6 mEUR by the end of the seeding season.

In the middle of 2016 the company emitted bonds and later in August started the quotation in Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange. It helped not only to raise additional funds for the business but helped to…

ExpressCredit unaudited consolidated interim financial statements for 12 month of the year 2016



The Group’s operations during the period has been successful. In 2016 the new amendments to legislation came into force, which led to significantly lower interest rates on consumer loans. Consequently, in line with expectations, total revenues in the period fell by 13.2% against 2015 and reached 15 081 843 euro.

The Group’s strategy in year 2016 included the increase in loan portfolio and reduction of the cost base. According to the strategy, substantial investments were made in the Group’s “Banknote” product and brand awareness. During the period a new consumer credit brand “MoneyMetro” was developed and implemented in three branches of the Group….

Capitalia unaudited interim consolidated financial statements for year 2016



In 2016 AS Capitalia group increased the total turnover to EUR 946 415, which is 65% higher than for the corresponding period of the previous year. Company reported small consolidated losses while the total assets grew to EUR 3 603 370.

Year 2016 in the development of Capitalia can be seen as growth focused period. We have successfully entered new geographic market – Estonia, as well as significantly improved our capacity in loan evaluation and servicing. During this period we have learned many interesting lessons with regards to organizational structure, lending policy and as well as client acquisition. I can…

ExpressCredit decreases bond nominal value for EUR 250 000



According to SIA ExpressCredit bond issue prospectus ISIN LV0000801280, as of 27/02/2017 nominal value of one security is going to be decreased by EUR 50. Total nominal value of bonds issue will be decreased for EUR 250 000. After settlement nominal value of one security (ISIN LV0000801280) will be EUR 350.

According to bond issues prospectus ISIN LV0000801280, 5 000 bonds were issued with an original nominal value of 1 000 euros. Yearly interest rate of the coupon is 14% with a 5 year term and gradual repayment of the nominal value.

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February platform improvements



We have launched our currency conversion service to provide investors with an easier way to diversify their investment portfolio in multiple currencies.

Tax overview – In investor account settings, you can now submit a request to receive a tax overview report. Currently, tax overviews are available to investors from Latvia and Germany. We will expand this offering to other countries according to demand.

Starting this month, loan originators can now offer loans with irregular payment dates (for example, loans with weekly payment schedules), broadening our loan offerings. (Previously the platform only accepted loans with…

Our currency exchange offers you fair rates with a low and transparent fee



Since December, Mintos has offered the option to invest in loans denominated in multiple currencies, including Danish krones, Czech korunas, Georgian lari, Polish zloty, Romanian Leu, with more to follow in near future. We have receive great reviews from investors! The currency exchange service offered on our platform is already being widely used.

Last month we took the next step by introducing the opportunity to convert currency directly on our platform. This means you are able to convert the money in your Mintos account to other currencies in an instant. No…

Regional giant Aasa Global joins Mintos marketplace



We are happy to share great news with you! Aasa Global has joined the Mintos marketplace and, starting today, will place consumer loans issued in Poland on the platform. With a loan portfolio of EUR 156 million, Aasa is the biggest loan originator that has joined our marketplace so far.

Aasa Global was established in 2010. Currently the Group is operating in Poland and Finland, and plans to expand in other European countries. Aasa’s mission is to provide fast and convenient access to financial products and services based on transparency, promptness, simplicity and safety.

Having attracted EUR 50 million private equity…

Banknote places pawnbroking loans on the Mintos marketplace



Non-bank credit lender Banknote will now offer secured loans using personal property as collateral (pawnbroking loans) issued in Latvia on the Mintos marketplace. This is a new loan type on the platform, giving investors even more opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio.

The Mintos platform will host Banknote loans averaging from EUR 100 to 5,000 with a repayment deadline of 14 days to 24 months. The annual net return to investors is expected to reach 9.5%.

Banknote already places consumer loans issued in Latvia on the Mintos marketplace.

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Mogo to offer loans from Poland on Mintos marketplace



Non-bank car loan provider Mogo is expanding its presence on the Mintos marketplace!

Mogo will now offer car loans issued in Poland on the platform. The loan originator will offer investment opportunities in Polish zloty (PLN).

Mintos will host Mogo Poland loans from PLN 2 500 to PLN 35 000, with a repayment deadline of 6 to 48 months. The annual net return to investors will range from 8.5% – 11.5%. Mogo will offer a buyback guarantee for loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days. Loan originator will retain at least 5% of each loan placed on the Mintos platform…

Currency exchange now available on Mintos – our latest feature to maximize efficiency



We are happy to reveal that from today you can convert currency directly on Mintos marketplace to invest it in loans denominated in other currencies.

At Mintos, we take feedback very seriously, and therefore we have been continuously improving our platform by implementing your suggestions to make it easier to use.

Already since December you can invest in loans denominated in multiple currencies, such as Danish krones, Czech korunas, Georgian lari, Polish zloty, Romanian Leu and more to follow in near future. We introduced this opportunity to help you and other investors eliminate currency risk.

Now, we are taking the next step…