Platform improvements in July



In July, we continued to upgrade our Auto Invest tool. As it is one of the most popular tools among our investors, we are listening closely to investor suggestions for its improvements. In July we launched several new updates.

Using the Auto Invest tool, you can now select loans for investment by setting specific criteria on each loan originator’s level. These criteria are: country of the issued loan, availability of the buyback guarantee, loan type and status, remaining sum, amortization method, date of loan issue, date of loan listing on the platform, and LTV (for loans issued against collateral). This feature allows you to customize your investment strategy with Auto Invest even better than before.

We have also included a new filter above the list of loan originators in the Auto Invest setup screen that allows you to easily select loan originators by loan type, country of issue, and availability of the buyback guarantee. Currently, it is only possible to filter loan originators based on one of these criteria, but soon the option to filter by several criteria at once will be available.

For those who use the currency exchange on the Mintos platform, we have added a link to currency exchange rates in the currency exchange section.