Updated: Pending payments – average days and percentage of outstanding investments by lending company as of 3 July



Important: To conveniently provide all information about pending payments in one place, starting from next week, we are moving the weekly update from our blog to here.

Investors received €71M net transfers from borrowers’ repayments during March and April



So far, 2020 has been a year like no other. We moved quickly to adapt to the new economic climate that came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue working closely with the lending companies on our Mintos platform to make sure they do the same. (more…)

Mintos Ratings Update for October 2019



In the fourth quarter of 2019, we are presenting you with the third Mintos Ratings update so far. (more…)

LO Spotlight: Interview with Aasa



Established in 2010, Aasa Group offers personal loans in Finland, Poland and Sweden. The group is one of the top three lenders on the Polish market and is in the top five lenders in Finland. Aasa is committed to responsible lending, innovation and diversity. The group recently signed the Diversity Charter, which promotes cultural, ethnic and social diversity in a work environment. (more…)

Aasa Polska launched the second edition of its CSR campaign for digital activation of older generations in Poland



As much as 55 percent of people aged 15-35 in Poland believe that their parents, parents-in-law or grandparents are digitally excluded. At the same time, as much as 95 percent of young people want to help their relatives in using the network – according to the “Aasa Report – Activity of older generations on the Internet through the eyes of the young 2018”. (more…)

Aasa signs the Diversity Charter



Aasa, an international fintech company, has signed the Diversity Charter in its Polish, Estonian and Swedish affiliates. In this way, the company committed itself to promoting cultural, ethnic and social diversity in its work environment. (more…)

Aasa Polska was awarded for its business offer and CSR activities



Aasa Polska, which operates in Poland, won two prizes in the prestigious Loan Magazine Awards 2017. The Awards present the best products, initiatives and services on the non-bank loan market and in the fintech industry. The prizes are awarded by representatives from the most important companies and institutions in the industry. The awards gala took place on February 8, 2018 in Wroclaw. (more…)

Poland: A Country of Endless Possibilities



Do you want to get the best from Mintos? With so many options for investment on our marketplace, it is important to know which ones to choose. To help you with this, we present a series detailing the unique opportunities each country on Mintos offers investors, starting with Poland. (more…)

You can now invest in Swedish Krona on Mintos



For the first time on Mintos, investors now have the opportunity to invest in loans in Swedish Krona, thanks to Aasa Group.

Aasa Group is the largest loan originator on the Mintos marketplace. Established in 2010, it is one of the top alternative lenders on the Polish and Finnish markets. Since its inception, Aasa Group has issued more than 523 000 loans worth EUR 516 million. The company started its operations in Sweden in May 2017, and issues loans through Aasa Kredit Svenska AB. (more…)

Aasa now offers loans from Sweden for investment on Mintos



We are proud to introduce investment opportunities from Sweden. Our trustworthy Scandinavian partner Aasa Group expands its presence on the Mintos marketplace by offering to invest in consumer loans issued in Sweden. Aasa already places loans issued in Poland on the Mintos marketplace since February 2017, and so far investors on Mintos have invested EUR 3 million in loans by Aasa. (more…)

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