You can now invest in Estonia-issued loans from Creditstar!



Creditstar has increased the investment opportunities it offers on Mintos! Now, you can invest in personal loans issued by its Estonia-based subsidiary Monefit and earn net annual returns of up to 12%. This is in addition to Creditstar’s loans that are already available for investment issued in Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Finland. (more…)

Poland: A Country of Endless Possibilities



Do you want to get the best from Mintos? With so many options for investment on our marketplace, it is important to know which ones to choose. To help you with this, we present a series detailing the unique opportunities each country on Mintos offers investors, starting with Poland. (more…)

Loans issued by Creditstar in Finland now available on Mintos



In addition to the loans already being financed on Mintos issued by Creditstar in Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic, Creditstar now offers the opportunity to invest in consumer loans issued in Finland as well. (more…)

Now you can invest in Creditstar loans granted in the Czech Republic



Creditstar Group is strengthening its presence on the Mintos marketplace by offering short-term and personal loans granted in the Czech Republic. Loans will be listed both in euro (EUR) and Czech koruna (CZK). (more…)

Invest in personal loans issued by Creditstar in Spain!



The diversity of loans offered on the Mintos marketplace continues to grow! The newest additions to the marketplace are short-term and personal loans issued by Creditstar in Spain. (more…)