Updated: Pending payments – average days and percentage of outstanding investments by lending company as of 3 July



To conveniently provide all information about pending payments in one place, starting from next week, we are moving the weekly update from our blog to the new Pending payments dashboard in your investor account.

Investors received €71M net transfers from borrowers’ repayments during March and April



So far, 2020 has been a year like no other. We moved quickly to adapt to the new economic climate that came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue working closely with the lending companies on our Mintos platform to make sure they do the same. (more…)

Debifo tripled the number of its clients



In 2017, the invoice financing company Debifo earned even more trust from both clients and investors – the company improved all key performance indicators and attracted new clients, thus becoming the largest non-bank invoice financer in Lithuania by the number of clients. (more…)

Improve your investment strategy with this new feature



A new feature has been added to Mintos. For the first time, you can now tailor your investments according to loan risk categories which are based on loan originators’ unique internal scoring models. Risk categories link expected annual bad debt rate with the interest rate offered to investors on Mintos. This new feature gives you a high-level of transparency and will allow you to make more informed and precise decisions on your investments.

DEBIFO will be the first loan originator on Mintos for…

DEBIFO increased factoring portfolio by four times to EUR 2.5 million



During the second year of its activities the largest non-bank invoice financing company in Lithuania increased the factoring portfolio by four times – up to EUR 2.5 million and financed invoices for EUR 11.2 million. Invoice financing facility was used by more than 100 small and medium-sized businesses who financed 1 790 invoices. (more…)

Mintos marketplace – a loan originator’s perspective



By Justas Šaltinis, Founder and CEO of DEBIFO | February 2017


DEBIFO offers selective invoice financing services to clients based in Lithuania. We offer both confidential and disclosed invoice financing for invoices issued to large foreign and local corporations. Invoice financing allows small and new businesses holding invoices against large and trustworthy corporations to quickly turn receivables into working capital and balance cash flows. (more…)

DEBIFO enters into strategic partnership with institutional investor MUNDUS



MUNDUS Bridge Finance has signed an investment agreement with DEBIFO to provide up to EUR 10 million of debt financing to support DEBIFO portfolio growth over the next 5 years. (more…)

An interview with Co-founder and CEO of DEBIFO



One of the most recent developments in the Baltic alternative finance market is invoice financing. DEBIFO is the first company in Lithuania to start offering invoice financing to Lithuania’s small and medium-sized businesses that lack working capital but have unpaid invoices issued to large and creditworthy companies. Fighting their way to the top of the market, in less than one year, DEBIFO has financed more than EUR 1.8 million of invoices. (more…)

Invoice finance provider DEBIFO joins the Mintos platform



We are very pleased to announce our cooperation with the Lithuanian company DEBIFO, which provides invoice financing services to small and medium enterprises with their invoices (i.e. accounts receivables) as collateral. DEFIBO has been in operation since May 2015 and has already financed over EUR 1 million of invoices. (more…)


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