Diversify your investment portfolio on Mintos – Step 1



You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. When it comes to investing, this phrase could not be more relevant. Therefore, at Mintos we have our own saying: don’t put all your money into one loan, diversify!

The majority of investment professionals agree that diversification is the most important component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimising risk. Just a quick glance at statistics on Mintos also proves that investors who diversify their portfolio are more likely to experience less volatility and more solid returns than those with more…

Now diversification on Mintos is even easier



With an unparalleled variety of loan originators, loan types and investment geographies on offer, Mintos is the go-to place for crafting a well-diversified investment portfolio. Now we are taking it to the next level by launching a new Auto Invest diversification feature, which allows you to diversify across loan originators with a single click of your mouse.