You can earn a cashback up to 4% on selected GetBucks loans



GetBucks is the most recent loan originator to offer cashback for long-term investments! You can now earn a cashback of up to 4% for investing in GetBucks loans with a maturity of one year or more. (more…)

You can now invest in personal loans from GetBucks in Kenya and Zambia



The investment opportunities from Africa on the Mintos marketplace have just doubled as GetBucks now offers you the chance to invest in personal loans from Kenya and Zambia, with yearly returns of up to 13%. In both countries, the company has special agreements that ensure loan repayments are deducted directly from the salary of the borrower.

GetBucks is part of the Frankfurt-listed fintech company, MyBucks. The loan originator joined Mintos in June 2017 and until now was offering investment opportunities in Poland and Botswana. Since joining the marketplace investors have…

MyBucks S.A. resolves on capital increase against contributions in cash



Poland: A Country of Endless Possibilities



Do you want to get the best from Mintos? With so many options for investment on our marketplace, it is important to know which ones to choose. To help you with this, we present a series detailing the unique opportunities each country on Mintos offers investors, starting with Poland.

To many investors, Poland might not seem like an obvious choice. However, the alternative financial market in Poland is growing quickly. Poland currently is one of the top five largest markets in terms of the loan supply on Mintos, offering a…

Zimbabwe: Getbucks to Double Mortgage Loan Book



GetBucks Microfinance Bank Ltd Q1 earnings up 100%



GetBucks offers new investment opportunities from Botswana



Thanks to GetBucks, our first loan originator from Africa, the Mintos marketplace now has even more investment opportunities in Botswana. In addition to short-term loans, investors can now also invest in longer-term personal loans issued by GetBucks in Botswana.

Personal loans issued by GetBucks in Botswana have one of the lowest default rates on the market. This is due to special agreements which allow for monthly payments to be deducted from the borrower’s salary.

GetBucks personal loans in Botswana are issued by two GetBucks subsidiaries, GetBucks Botswana and TU Employee Benefits (Proprietary) Ltd….

MyBucks Named ‘Best Financial Inclusion Company’ at European FinTech Awards 2017



MyBucks S.A.: MyBucks obtains USD 5-million loan facility for SME finance



Loans from Africa now available on the Mintos marketplace



GetBucks has started placing short-term personal loans issued online in Botswana on the Mintos marketplace. With this move, GetBucks is the first loan originator on the Mintos marketplace to offer an opportunity to invest in loans issued in one of the fastest growing regions of the world — Africa.

GetBucks, part of Frankfurt-listed fintech company MyBucks, joined the Mintos marketplace in June 2017, offering investors the opportunity to invest in short-term personal loans issued in Poland. So far, the company has funded loans worth more than EUR 400 000 through Mintos.


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