ID Finance Spain reports solid financial results in May



ID Finance currently offers you the opportunity to invest in loans from three countries – Spain, Mexico and Kazakhstan. Today the company wants to give investors on Mintos an update on its financial performance in Spain, which is one of its top regions. (more…)

ID Finance eyes ‘pivotal moment’ for Latam fintech as revenue in region climbs by 403%



ID Finance, the fintech company operating in Europe and Latin America, saw revenue of $49 million in 2018. This represents a growth of 236% for the business. The data science, credit scoring and digital finance company is now planning to roll out new technology-powered financial products as it seeks to capitalise on the rapidly growing fintech market in Latam, where it saw revenue growth of 403% in 2018. (more…)

ID Finance now offers you investment opportunities from Mexico!



ID Finance, the emerging markets fintech pioneer, has expanded its presence on the Mintos marketplace once again, with the launch of short-term loans from its lending business in Mexico from its Moneyman brand. Now, you have even more investment and diversification opportunities in this quickly-growing region! (more…)

FT 1000 Europe: ID Finance is second fastest growing fintech



ID Finance, the emerging markets fintech company, has been ranked 84th in the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest growing companies and is the second fastest growing fintech in the region. (more…)

Plazo: your long-term pal from Spain



Plazo is a fast-growing personal loan service in Spain provided by global digital finance provider and loan originator on the Mintos marketplace ID Finance. (more…)

ID Finance has just added more personal loans from Spain on Mintos



Starting today, ID Finance will be offering the opportunity for you to invest in Spain-issued personal loans with repayments of up to 24 months under a new brand – This is in addition to the ID Finance short-term and personal loans under brand from Spain, as well as personal loans from Georgia and Kazakhstan already offered on Mintos. (more…)

New structure for investments in ID Finance loans issued in Kazakhstan



Starting from August 31, 2018, there will be a new structure for investing in Kazakhstan-issued ID Finance loans on the Mintos marketplace. The change has been implemented due to specifics of the legislation for microfinance organisations in Kazakhstan. (more…)

ID Finance is increasing its presence in Kazakhstan



A few weeks ago, ID Finance organised a conference in Almaty “The Economy of the Future: Digital Transformation of Kazakhstan’s Financial Market” dedicated to the development of the microfinance industry. The agenda included issues of the Microfinance industry development, in particular, its digitisation and security, as well as the introduction of modern solutions aimed at the interests of the end users of financial services. (more…)

LO Spotlight: Interview with ID Finance



ID Finance is a fast-growing data science, credit scoring and digital finance provider that is pioneering fintech innovation in emerging markets. The company is now the largest online lender in Russia and it also operates in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Poland, Spain and Brazil. Currently, the company is planning to boost its presence in Latin America with a launch in Colombia planned for 2018. (more…)

Investments into ID Finance’s Kazakhstan-issued loans gain 10 % yield in one and a half months



Investors who used Mintos to invest in the loans of ID Finance Kazakhstan, denominated in Kazakhstani tenge, received returns in EUR terms 7.2% above the declared rate due to appreciation of the Kazakhstan tenge (KZT) against the Euro (EUR). Moreover, investors received a 17% annual interest as investment earnings – one of the highest rates on Mintos. This return rate is normally 10.5% for investments in EUR. (more…)

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