New Mintos Rating update



First quarter 2019 has been positive for most loan originators on the Mintos marketplace. As a result, Mintos Rating update comes with good news.  (more…)

It’s official: The first Mintos Rating update



In August 2018, Mintos introduced risk ratings for loan originators offering their loans on the Mintos marketplace. The Mintos Rating is meant to be a gauge for each loan originator’s financial and operational stability. At Mintos, we emphasize the loan originator’s ability to service and originate loans as being the most important when assessing loan originators. (more…)

You can now filter loans using the Mintos Ratings



We know how much you value transparency on Mintos. This is why we were very happy to recently announce the launch of our Mintos Ratings, to allow you to make more informed investment decisions. Now, we are happy to make a further announcement regarding this – you can now select loans based on these ratings. (more…)

Introducing Mintos Ratings



At Mintos, we are dedicated to giving you the utmost transparency. This is why we are pleased to introduce risk ratings for loan originators offering their loans on the marketplace. The Mintos Ratings are on a scale from “A+” to “D”, representing the lowest and the highest counterparty risk respectively. (more…)



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