Mintos Ratings Update, March 2020



We are publishing changes in the Mintos Ratings for a number of lending companies on Mintos, as per decisions made prior to developments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  (more…)

Status update on the suspended lending companies and the recovery of invested funds



From now on, we will share with you a monthly summary with all the main statistics listed in one file. Below, in this article, you will also find our comments on the current status and about the funds recovered from each lending company. (more…)

Monego: payment from the liquidator received



We’re happy to share good news about Monego: the claims we filed with the Monego liquidator appointed by the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) on behalf of our investors have been partly satisfied. The liquidator made a first € 2 000 000 payment yesterday, 24 March 2020, which has been allocated to investors on Mintos with active investments in Monego loans. Investors who have waited the longest were repaid first. (more…)

Update: First payment after the revocation of Monego licence for loans received



As we shared earlier, a third party had stepped in to cover the payments to investors on Mintos. 

Due to an ongoing process of Monego case, we do not possess full information about the incoming payments from the borrowers, therefore further payments to investors on Mintos will subsequently be made by the third party once borrowers’ repayments are delayed for 60 days.  (more…)

IuteCredit and Monego license revoked in Kosovo



According to the announcement of the Central Bank of Kosovo from December 6, 2019, the licenses for the business in this country have been revoked for loan originators IuteCredit and Monego. (more…)

Kredo and Monego launch a joint cashback campaign!



Today we are pleased to announce some good news for all Mintos investors – two of our Balkan loan originators are now offering you the chance to earn an extra bonus on your investment with a joint cashback campaign – Kredo and Monego. (more…)

A trendsetting financial institution in Kosovo, Monego, has launched on Mintos



Today, we are happy to announce that you can now invest and earn net annual returns of up to 13% on consumer loans issued by Monego, one of the fastest growing financial institution in the Republic of Kosovo! (more…)



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