Kredo and Tigo are now Finitera



Loan originating brands Kredo and Tigo are uniting under a single company, Finitera, an existing alternative lending company. During 2019 Finitera underwent structural changes to improve the efficiency of its business operations and bring all the products across different markets under one company, that way creating Finitera group. From now on Kredo and Tigo issued loans on Mintos will be listed as Finitera loans.  (more…)

First loan originator from the Republic of Macedonia TIGO Finance launches on Mintos



Another country has been added to Mintos! This time it’s the Republic of Macedonia, with TIGO Finance launching on Mintos. With this addition, you now have the chance to invest in its consumer loans from Macedonia and earn net returns of up to 10%. (more…)



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