Finko unifies its loan originators into one group



Finko, a global  finance company, has decided to bring all its brands across different markets under one group brand. Finko’s brands on Mintos are operating in Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.  (more…) attracts long-term capital that will provide additional security for Mintos investors


mintosblog shareholders have decided to increase the registered share capital of from AMD 455 to AMD 600 million (the equivalent of approximately EUR 1 million).  The increase of share capital will result in larger equity and raise the financial stability of the company. Share capital changes will be registered in the following weeks. (more…)

First loan originator from Armenia – – joins Mintos



The first loan originator from Armenia has just joined Mintos! is one of the leading alternative lending companies in the country and now offers short-term consumer loans for investment on the Mintos marketplace. Loans from are listed in euro (EUR) with expected returns of 13%. (more…)