We’re bringing the cashback bonus back!



We know how much you enjoyed our cashback campaigns, so today we are happy to announce that Spanish Mortgage lender FIREOF now offers a cashback of up to 2% for all of its loans with a remaining maturity of 10 months or more. This special offer is valid for one month from February 14, 2019, until March 14, 2019.

In order to qualify for the cashback bonus, you will need to invest a minimum of EUR 100 into FIREOF loans. The cashback will be offered as follows based on the minimum investment made in FIREOF loans:

– 1% for investing EUR 100 up to EUR 499 in FIREOF loans;

– 1.5% for investing EUR 500 up to EUR 999 in FIREOF loans;

– 2% for investing more than EUR 1 000 in FIREOF loans.

Only investments made on the Mintos primary market qualify. If you want to receive the cashback, you have to be enrolled in the campaign before making the investment.

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For more information read the Terms and Conditions.

More about FIREOF

Established in 2015, FIREOF is an asset-secured lending business whose mission is to provide a financial bridge to Spanish consumers. The company is fully licensed and audited and it provides its credit products through established brokers. The average loan will be EUR 50 000 with a repayment period from one to five years paid in monthly instalments. The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is not greater than 45%.



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