You can now filter loans using the Mintos Ratings



We know how much you value transparency on Mintos. This is why we were very happy to recently announce the launch of our Mintos Ratings, to allow you to make more informed investment decisions. Now, we are happy to make a further announcement regarding this – you can now select loans based on these ratings.

On both the Primary and Secondary Market we have added a Mintos Ratings filter which will allow you to sort and invest in loans based on your risk preferences. You can find the filter on the left-hand side with the other filters:


The Mintos Ratings are on a scale from “A+” to “D”, representing the lowest and the highest counterparty risk respectively. They were introduced to help measure the counterparty risk or risk of loss resulting from a loan’s originators’ failure to service and/or transfer the received payments from borrowers to investors. You can read more about Mintos Ratings here.



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